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1.1 Business Activity

1.1 The Purpose and Nature of Business Activity The purpose and nature of business activity is a straightforward introduction to the IGCSE course. However, it’s important to learn a simple definition for each new concept. You may be asked short answer definition questions like this one: Past Paper Question Example Paper 1 (a) Identify two

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1.2 Classification of Business

Table Of Contents 1.2.1 Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors Basis of business classification Reasons for the changing importance of business classification 1.2.2 Classify business enterprises between private sector and public sector in the mixed economy Classification of business is more likely to appear as a short answer questions on Paper 1 like this example: Past

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1.3 Enterprise Business Growth and Size

Table Of Contents 1.3.1 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs Contents of a business plan and how business plans assist entrepreneurs 1.3.2 Methods and Problems of Measuring Business Size Methods of measuring business size 1.3.3 Business Growth Why the owners of a business may want to expand the business Different ways in which businesses can grow Problems

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1.5 Business Objectives and Stakeholder Objectives

1.5.1 Businesses Can Have Several Objectives and the Importance of Them Can Change Need for business objectives and their importance Business objectives are simply aims or targets that a business sets out to achieve. So why are they important? Perhaps the best way of explaining the importance of business objectives is to imagine how a

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