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How to Answer Motivation Questions in A-level (AS, A2) Business Cambridge Int CAIE Exams
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5 Essential A level Business Essay Skills in 5 mins
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How to Answer A-level Business Ethics Essay (including CSR, Triple Bottom Line, Stakeholders)
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Cambridge International Business A level Chain of Analysis
Business news A* A-level IGCSE
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Business Movies, News and Podcasts to Boost You to an to an A* in exams

A2 Business Essay Essential Guide


Feel confidence approaching any exam question with this step by step guide to how to plan, structure and succeed in exam questions

A2 Business Evaluation Guide

5 Evaluation Hacks

Evaluation makes up a sizable component of your grade at A2 – we show you 5
top tips for scoring full marks evaluation marks in all questions


A2 Command Words

A2 Command Words

Command words are the “questions” words the examiners will use in A2 exams. 


If you can unlock what the examiner wants in each question it will highly increase the effectiveness of your exam technique

A2 Business Paper 3 Example Candidate Responses



Cambridge International Official Candidate Responses with Examiner Comments


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