Category: External Influences

6.1 Economic Issues

Economic Issues focuses on how the changing economic conditions can impact business. You may be asked questions like these: Past Paper Question Examples Paper 1 (a) Identify two stages of the business cycle.                                              

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6.2 Environmental and Ethical Issues

Can business have a conscience? Can business be a force for good in the world or will companies always prioritise making profit over people and the environment? We examine these dilemmas from the perspective of business in environmental and ethical issues.  You may be asked question like this: Past Paper Question Example  Paper 1 (e)

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6.3 Business and the International Economy

Business must increasingly have an international outlook to survive and thrive. 6.3 is all about examining the opportunities and threats for all businesses, and stakeholders in the interconnected global economy. You may be asked questions like this: Past Paper Question Example Paper 1  (c) Outline how the appreciation of country B’s exchange rate might affect ABC.

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