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2.1 Motivating Employees

Table Of Contents 2.1.1 The Importance of a Well-Motivated Workforce Why people work and what motivation means Key motivational theories: Maslow, Taylor and Herzberg 2.1.2 Methods of Motivation Financial Rewards Non Financial Rewards Recommend and justify appropriate methods of motivation in different circumstances 2.1.1 The Importance of a Well-Motivated Workforce Why people work and what

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2.2 Organisation and Management

Table Of Contents 2.2.1 Organisational Charts Roles and responsibilities of directors, managers, supervisors, other employees in an organisation 2.2.2. Functions of Management 2.2.3 Leadership Styles Recommend and justify an appropriate leadership style in given circumstances 2.2.4 Trade Unions 2.2.1 Organisational Charts Organisational Structure is like the skeleton and nervous system of a business. It shows

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2.3 Recruitment, Selection and Training

2.3.1 Recruitment and Selecting Employees Success or failure may depend on getting the right people to join a business team. If the business hits hard times, survival may depend on reducing the size of the workforce, and keeping the right employees to push the business back into profitability. Furthermore, training plays a crucial role in

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2.4 Internal and External Communication

2.4.1 Why Effective Communication is Important and the Methods Used to Achieve It Effective communication seems simple, but even between two people talking face to face there can often be misunderstandings. As business grows they have thousands of employees spread across hundreds of countries, speaking numerous  different languages. We need to know the: different means

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