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Business Activity Exam Practice Paper 1

The Purpose and Nature of Business Activity Exam Practice ✍🏽 WaWay, a large manufacturing business, makes cell (mobile) phones. WaWay exports 30% of its products. It imports most of its raw materials to help reduce total costs. All 400 of WaWay’s employees understand the importance of quality control. WaWay’s directors are researching ways of further

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Marketing Exam Practice Paper 1

Table Of Contents Marketing, Competition, and the Customer Exam Practice ✍🏽 Market Research Exam Practice ✍🏽 Marketing Mix Exam Practice ✍🏽 Marketing Strategy Exam Practice ✍🏽 Marketing, Competition, and the Customer Exam Practice ✍🏽 LIT Trendz is a public limited company. It makes a range of clothing products including T-shirts and jeans for the mass

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Operations Management Exam Practice Paper 1

Production of Goods and Services Exam Practice ✍🏽 Delishjuice is a small business and produces a range of fruit juice made from fruit using batch production. Delishjuice uses specialisation in its factory. The business has grown quickly over the last two years. Delishjuice has increased the number of production workers from 10 to 20 .

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Financial Information and Decisions Exam Practice Paper 1

Business Finance: Needs and Sources Exam Practice ✍🏽 Dika is a sole trader in Country A. He provides removals services to business customers. His business does not benefit from any economies of scale because it is small. Dika uses an old truck he has borrowed from his father to travel between his customers’ offices and

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External Influences on Business Activity Exam Practice Paper 1

Economic Issues Exam Practice ✍🏽 Ymix is a large cement company based in country X. Ymix is in the private sector. It supplies builders in country X with 20% of the cement they need and the rest is imported. Ymix now has eight cement factories but plans to close two of them. This will threaten

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