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How to Support Students to Achieve Success in A-level Business

Every parent of an A-level student faces an impossible balancing act – between giving your child independence, while being on hand to them support when they need it. A-levels are a huge step up for all students. In Cambridge International Business, your son or daughter will confront a unique blend of challenges. Here we explain

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How to improve your English in A-level Business Exam Questions

One of the questions I get asked most often is “how can I improve my English in A-level Business exams?” or “how can I improve my writing?” in English. Many English as a second language (ESL) students think their level of English is holding them back from success in Cambridge International Exams. More importantly, many

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How to Achieve an A* in Business A-level Using the Business News

Just a few minutes a day watching, reading or listening to the business news can significantly improve your grades. Here we explain how and why and where to find the most interesting business stories that will propel you to A* success in Cambridge Business Exams. Cambridge International Examination Business qualifications have the following syllabus aims:

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How to answer AS Business Paper 1 Questions (CAIE 9609)

Survival guide to AS Business Paper 1 to maximise your marks and achieve your full potential in Cambridge International Business A-level. AS Business Paper 1 Overview AS Business Paper 1 is the junior partner with only 40% of marks for your AS compared to senior partner, Paper 2. But in many ways it’s more challenging than

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AS Paper 1 Solutions

Business Activity Size of business 8 marks 5 (a) Analyse the impact of small businesses on the development of a country. (8 marks) The EU defines small business as either having fewer than 50 employees or turnover of up to €10 million Nearly, all businesses start small. Amazon started in 1995 in a garage selling

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