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How to score full marks in 8 Mark Analysis Questions – AS Business Paper 2 (CAIE)

Analysis questions are 16% of your final grade in AS, but you’ve only got 12 minutes to complete each one, so you have to make sure your technique is absolutely perfect to secure all of the marks. Fortunately, there is a tried and tested formula for success in these 8 mark analysis questions which you can start using today to immediately start improving your grades.

Follow this step by step guide to secure all the marks in every A-level analysis question you do!

Time needed: 12 minutes.

  1. Use the Correct Structure

    Structure in any 8 marker is the same – you will be asked to analyse 2 ways or factors or methods. So you must build 2 chains of analysis, with a knowledge point, applied to the business in the case study then followed by analysis and developed analysis. Check out of Chain of Analysis Essential Guide to find further detail
    No need for evaluation, an introduction or a conclusion – that’s it!
    Analysis 8 mark question structure

  2. Re-read the case study

    This question is from Summer 2019 and asks for a primary and secondary method of market research the marketing director can use to develop a new variety of vegetable chips.
    But the important bit we need to focus on is the market research – the marketing director has been asked to explore different varieties of chip that would be targeted at parents as a lunchtime snack for their children. Even if you read the case study at the start it’s best to go back and find the details which are relevant for this question. Without context you can only access 4 out of the 8 marks.Case study AS 8 marks CAIE

  3. Choose your knowledge point

    You can choose many different methods of primary research – survey, questionnaire, focus groups, observation and testing. What is absolutely crucial is choosing one way you can apply to the case study, Too Tasty.
    I’ve gone for a questionnaire as this will be the most straightforward to apply to the case study and analyse further.

  4. Add Application

    Then we link it to the case study – we know the target customer are parents so we use this information and apply to vegetable chips.

  5. Add Analysis

    We then analyse by showing the impact of this method on the market research – could give TT useful information about the new product so they can gain high sales

  6. Develop your analysis

    The final step in the chain of analysis and finishing this method of primary research is developed analysis – essentially taking your analysis one step further. Use a connective – like this will lead to, furthermore or however if you want to give a downside of questionnaires.

  7. Complete the Second Paragraph with Another Complete Chain of Analysis

    We repeat the same process with a the second paragraph, in this case a source of secondary research.

And that’s it! Well done, you have now scored full marks in an 8 mark question.

You can find loads of further resources to further develop your A-level business essay writing skills:


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