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Top 5 Mistakes in IGCSE Business Studies and How to Avoid Them

Having marked hundreds of IGCSE Business Studies papers, and discussed with colleagues from all over the world I’ve come up with the definitive top 5 mistakes to avoid. Even better, for each mistake I’ve got a practical tip to help you avoid the minefield of potential traps that is an IGCSE Business Studies exam. IGCSE

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How to Achieve an A* in IGCSE Business Using the Business News

Just a few minutes a day watching, reading, or listening to the business news can significantly improve your grades. Here we explain how and why and where to find the most interesting business stories that will propel you to A* success in Cambridge Business Exams. Cambridge International Examination Business qualifications have the following syllabus aims:

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How to improve your English in IGCSE Business Exam Questions

One of the questions I get asked most often is “how can I improve my English in A-level Business exams?” or “how can I improve my writing?” in English. Many English as a second language (ESL) students think their level of English is holding them back from success in Cambridge International Exams. More importantly, many

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How to answer 12 mark paper 2 IGCSE Business Studies questions (CAIE)

The IGCSE Cambridge International syllabus changed in 2020 so there are some changes you need to know in order to score the highest grades in IGCSE Business Studies. We will go through the updated exam technique step by step, with an example from March 2020 so you can follow the most effective and efficient method

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IGCSE Business Studies Command Words – Cambridge International

Nobody knows exactly what questions will be on the IGCSE Business paper but we can predict the question words that are guaranteed to come up in EVERY single question. That’s because Cambridge tells us the 8 command words that they will use in your IGCSE exam. What are Command Words? Command words are the “question”

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A* Evaluation Guide IGCSE Business Studies Updated 2021

Evaluation is probably the most challenging skill at IGCSE Business Studies, and many students get discouraged because they think it’s impossible to score evaluation marks. This blog will explain what evaluation is in the most simple terms. We will then look at an example of how to score evaluation marks in practice questions from both

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5 A* Evaluation Ideas IGCSE Business Studies (CAIE 0450)

We’ve all been there. After quickly running through the first part of the question on business essays we get to the evaluation, making a decision, and freeze. The brain stops working, the mind goes blank, can’t think of anything to write. You are stuck.  I’ve seen it happen so many times when marking exams. Often

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IGCSE Paper 2 Solutions

Business Activity Stakeholders 8 marks Identify and explain how the following two stakeholder groups might be affected by BA’s plans to expand. Shareholders The cost of expansion is $12m and they might be asked to provide share capital. This could reduce the market price of their shares in the soap company as it will take

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