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Testimonials for videos


Thank you very much  for all your videos I got an A* in Business

Juicyy DIY

Best teacher

Thank you SO SO SO MUCH FOR THIS, I absolutely love your content and I love the way you teach, damn I wish you were my teacher!


Calm Nerves


The paper is tomorrow and now I finally understand the structure! Only 11 hours left to practice, it’s possible!


Now I get it


This video really calmed my nerves before the exam thank you so much

Sherin El Ali



Keep posting more videos! You are fantastic!

Danai Dangare


Today was my Paper 1. I watched this video yesterday and today in the paper I was stuck in a question evaluation and didn’t have time to think and develop it and then I remembered COCIT and was able to write an evaluation linked to that business objective (O). Thank you for this video. Abdullah Kehtran

A level best teacher

I was looking forward to something A level related!! Keep up the good work sir, u’ll go down as one of the best teachers of my lifetime.

Saleh Kalid

Aaron Khan

Hey there. Much like these comments, I’d like to thank you for the hard-work you’ve put in for us. I recently had my AS Paper 1 the other day, and did quite good – due to your videos ;). I have my Paper 2 tomorrow, and here I am! (binging your videos hehe)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, your videos are really helping most – if not all – of us get the marks we want. It isn’t easy doing what you do, and for that; hats off to you mate. I wish you all the success in the world, and on behalf of everyone watching this video: thank you!

Aaron Khan
Testimonials for online tuition tutorials

Tuition slide 1

Eddie’s clear and direct method in teaching makes learning new concepts easier, and his ability to structure essays has helped me in numerous subjects

Gemma Bruno
From Bali​

Tuition slide 2

Eddie’s class was always fun and interactive. The way he taught was very helpful, especially when he provided witty examples, it made things easier to remember!

Gai Okayanagi
From Bali​

Video slide 1

Besides his vast working experiences that brings the subject to life, Eddie’s knowledge over what examiners are looking for has undoubtedly helped me in achieving my desired grades in the exams

Varo de Haan
From Netherlands

Video Slide 2

With my classes with Eddie I was able to gain confidence and achieve my aims thanks to his tips and support!

Nancy Vijande
From Spain

” I enjoyed the lessons very much. I especially liked that the lessons were very student oriented; I could pick exactly what I wanted to go over and I was confident that I would understand everything I needed by the end of the lesson.” Daiana Djangaracheva – Kyrgyzstan

 I enjoyed the lessons very much. I especially liked that the lessons were very student-oriented; I could pick exactly what I wanted to go over and I was confident that I would understand everything I needed by the end of the lesson.


Daiana Djangaracheva


I would like to give Cambridge Business Essentials a huge thumbs up for their dedication, and attitude to their customers and business. When I didn’t know who or where to go, they came to the rescue. Thank you to Eddie and his team.

Pastor William Bam
South Africa
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