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The Cambridge International complete IGCSE syllabus

How It Works

How the A* Essentials Membership Boosts Your Learning to the Next Level

Essential Content Tutorials

62 Intensive 5-10-minute explainers with all the key information required for the Cambridge International Syllabus. Updated for 2020.

Exam Technique

40+ past paper questions solved with detailed explanations on the correct technique, structure, timing and content to include for an A* answer .

Interactive Activities

210 challenges at the end of each topic to check and embed your knowledge and understanding.


Find out what you have learned and how to improve with feedback from interactive questions and results recorded on user dashboard.

Focused on CAIE

Each course follows the 2020 CAIE syllabus precisely, so you can easily find course materials to support your classwork, homework or revision.

Support Hub

Ask anything about the course or the IGCSE Business Studies, exclusively for A* Essentials Members

Everything You Need to Succeed at IGCSE

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  • Helping hundreds of students everyday achieve their FULL potential in IGCSE Business Studies – here’s how!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Revision textbooks are a useful resource. However, students with different learning styles (or shorter attention spans) may need a more varied,  engaging and interactive way to learn.

The video tutorials recreate the experience of having your own teacher to explain and support your learning. 

Furthermore, graphics, dynamic diagrams, sound effects, images and video bring the learning to life. 


I’ve been a teacher for ten years and spent the last five years teaching CAIE business at A-level and IGCSE and marked thousands of students’ questions.

I’ve used the Cambridge recommended textbooks, and they offer a lot of value to students and teachers. But I wanted to go one step further and use the power of technology to offer my experience as a teacher, and allows students to interact with the syllabus in a more engaging and fun way.

You can find more about my skills and experience here

There are lots of amazing free resources on YouTube, however, I know from my time as a classroom teacher it’s is not focused on Cambridge International examinations and doesn’t tell you the specifics of how to score full marks in every question. Furthermore, all the content is up to date

Not only will your subscription give you the edge in Cambridge International Business, but allow me to carry on making content to help students on both free and premium packages.

Sample lessons are available for free here, you can use the knowledge check-up to find your knowledge gaps.

You can also find extracts from the video tutorials here.


Research has shown that the highest performing students learn and study consistently through the year and don’t leave it all to the last minute.

Getting to grips with the content as you learn builds a strong base for achieving the highest grades in the final exam.

Furthermore, higher level skills like analysis, evaluation and problem solving need time to nurture and develop over time in order to be successful.


“Exclusive” past paper questions are based precisely on the 2020 IGCSE syllabus but unique to A* Essentials members. You won’t have completed these questions before so are guaranteed the most authentic exam preparation. 


You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time in your “my account page”

Your annual subscription has to be renewed, so it’s a one-off payment. I’ll send a reminder that your plan is coming to a close, but there is no need to cancel. 


I’ve been an international examiner* for the last three years and taught CAIE Business for the last six years in both Europe and Asia. 

Marking exams is incredibly boring (as you can imagine) but it gives an unparalleled insight into how to score the highest results, and how to help students to avoid common mistakes. 

(* Cambridge International examiners are not allowed to commercially gain from their association with CAIE)

Good question!

Revision Essentials is designed for students who want to revise effectively, perfect their exam technique and to optimise their potential at IGCSE. 

A* Essentials Membership offers everything in revision essentials, and adds  the additional support of a weekly Q and A session access and more in-depth unit specific interactive activities and past paper questions in each individual topic.

Check out this video to find out more. 

Exam Performance Courses Included

Catch-Up IGCSE

You need to systematically learn the IGCSE syllabus in order to be successful. 

We’ve got you covered with 62 intensive video tutorials  for every topic on the course.



Exam Technique Masterclass

Exam Technique is the biggest game-changer when optimising exam performance. But few students have access to the best advice.

The Exam Technique Masterclass makes top of the class technique available to EVERYONE.



Exam Boost

Learning the correct technique for each type of question, in every topic, has a huge impact on exam performance.

Perfect your exam technique across all the different sections of the course with questions from paper 1 and paper 2 separated into all 6 units for complete course coverage.


Calculations Revision

For students who are not experts in Maths, calculations questions can “make or break” the chances of achieving a top grade in IGCSE Business.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, what seem complex financial calculations can be solved by EVERYONE with the correct technique.

The Calculations Revision course breaks down difficult concepts, ratios and formulas into simple step by step instructions.

Learn how to score top marks in a range of different calculation questions in paper 1 and paper 2.

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