Business and it’s Environment Exam Practice Paper 2

Role of the Entrepreneur  ✍🏽

(c) 8 mark PAPER 2

(c) Analyse two qualities that Gordon will need to be a successful entrepreneur. [8]

Legal Structures ✍🏽

(d)   11 mark PAPER 2

(d) Evaluate the likely impacts on the local community if EFF changes from a co-operative to public limited company. [11]

Measuring of Business Size ✍🏽

(b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2

b (ii) Explain one suitable way, other than market share, to measure the size of F5G. [3]

The Importance and Influence of Stakeholders on Business Activities ✍🏽

D: 11 mark PAPER 2

(d) Evaluate the likely impact on the stakeholders of AA of the planned expansion. [11]​

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