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Section A Short Answer Questions Paper 1 AS

Section A (a) 2 marks ⏰ Timing▶ Command Word% Final Grade(3 x Section A(a) qs)4 minsDefine6 % Structure There are usually 3 Section A (a) questions on paper 1, and 2 marks for each one so that’s 6 marks in total or 15% of the total marks for the paper.  In AS paper 1 you’ve

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(a) Analysis 8 mark Paper 1 AS

Overview ⏰ Timing▶ Command Word% Final Grade16 minsAnalyse8 % Structure There is one 8-mark analysis question on paper 1 to answer, so that’s 20% of the total marks for the paper.  In AS paper 1 you’ve got nearly 2 minutes per mark so spend 16 minutes on the 8 mark question. This question is split

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(b) 12 mark Section B AS

Overview ⏰ Timing▶ Command Word% Final Grade24 minsEvaluate12 % Structure There is one 12-mark (b) question on paper 1 section B, so that’s over  30% of the total marks for the paper or 12% of your final AS grade. We’ve got nearly 25 minutes for this question, almost 7 minutes more than the similar (d)

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AS Paper 1 Overview

Overview KnowledgeApplicationAnalysisEvaluation35%30%20%15% The marks emphasis in paper 1 is skewed towards knowledge and understanding, and application. No calculations are required in paper 1. Time Management There are 75 mins and 40 marks giving us approximately 2 mins per mark. In papers 2,3 and 4 we have approximately 1.5 mins per mark. QuestionTiming2 mark6 mins3 marks6

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