People in Organisations Exam Practice Paper 2

Management and Managers ✍🏽

(d)  11 mark PAPER 2

(d) Recommend which of Mintzberg’s management roles is likely to be the most important for the new Managing Director of NT. Justify your recommendation. [11]

Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Quotient (EQ) ✍🏽

(c) 8 mark PAPER 2

(c) Analyse two ways in which emotional intelligence may help Isabel be an effective leader. [8]

Recruitment and Selection ✍🏽

B:   (i) 3 mark (ii) 3 mark PAPER 2

b (i) Refer to Table 1.1. Calculate the rate of labour turnover for department A in 2020. [3]

b (ii) Explain one disadvantage for RHZ of having high labour turnover. [3]

Staff Morale and Welfare ✍🏽

(d) 11 mark PAPER 2

(d) Discuss the likely impact on the morale and welfare of HC’s employees if the Retro Cycle is produced using mass customisation [11]

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