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Business and it’s Environment Exam Practice Paper 1

Business Activity ✍🏽 SECTION A:   (a) 2 mark (b) 3 mark PAPER 1 (a) Define the term ‘opportunity cost’. [2]​ (b) Explain one reason why many new businesses fail in their first year of operation. [3] Social Enterprises ✍🏽 SECTION A:   (a) 8 mark  PAPER 1 (a) Analyse the impact of social enterprises on the development of a

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People in Organisations Exam Practice Paper 1

Workforce Planning ✍🏽 SECTION A:   (a) 2 mark (b) 3 mark PAPER 1  2 (b)  Explain one benefit to a business of workforce planning. [3] Choice of Management Style ✍🏽 SECTION B:   8 mark PAPER 1  (a) Analyse two differences between autocratic and laissez-faire management. [8] Motivation as a Tool of Management and Leadership ✍🏽 SECTION A:   (a) 2 mark (b) 3

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Marketing Exam Practice Paper 1

Features of Markets: Location, Size, Share, Competitors, Growth✍🏽 SECTION A:   (a) 2 mark PAPER 1 (a) Define the term ‘customer (market) orientation’. [2] Niche Versus Mass Marketing ✍🏽 SECTION A:   (b) 3 mark PAPER 1 (b) Explain one limitation of niche marketing. [3] Market Segmentation ✍🏽 SECTION A:   (a) 2 mark (b) 3 mark PAPER 1  (a) Define the term ‘market

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Operations management igcse course

Operations Exam Practice Paper 1

Outsourcing✍🏽 SECTION A:   (a) 2 mark (b) 3 mark PAPER 1  (a) Define the term ‘oursourcingl’. [2] Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity✍🏽 SECTION A:   (a) 2 mark PAPER 1 (a) Define the term ‘productivity’. [2] Capital versus Labour Intensity ✍🏽 SECTION B:   (a) 8mark PAPER 1  (a) Analyse the benefits of a labour-intensive production process for a business. [8] Operations Methods:

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Finance and Accounting Exam Practice Paper 1

Start Up Capital, Capital for Expansion✍🏽 SECTION B:   8 mark PAPER 1 (a) Analyse the possible problems that a new business might experience when trying to raise finance. [8] Legal Structure and Sources of Finance ✍🏽 SECTION A:   (b) 3 mark PAPER 1 (b) Explain one benefit to a business of using equity finance. [3] External Sources

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Paper 1 Specimen 2023 Solutions

Table Of Contents Section A ✍🏽1 (a) Define the term ‘secondary research’. [2](b) Explain one advantage to a business of data collected using primary research methods. [3]2 (a) Define the term ‘sustainability’. [2](b) Explain one reason why a manufacturing business might take measures to improve the sustainability of its operations. [3]3 (a) Define the term

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