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Finance and Accounting Exam Practice Paper 2

Working Capital✍🏽 (b)(i) 3 mark PAPER 2 (b) (i) Refer to Table 1. Calculate BIG’s working capital. [3] Table 1: Extract from BIG’s statement of financial position ​ $ 000​ Non-current assets​ 80​ Current Assets​ 40​ Current Liabilities​ 30​ Non-current Liabilities​ 50​ Equity​ 40​ Internal Sources of Finance ✍🏽 (b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2 (b)(ii) Explain one

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Operations Exam Practice Paper 2

Value Added✍🏽 (c)  8 mark PAPER 2 (c) Analyse two ways in which AA adds value to its products. [8] Location ✍🏽 (c)  8 mark PAPER 2 (c) Analyse two factors that may have affected the location of NT. [8] Purpose, Costs and Benefits of Inventory ✍🏽 (b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2 b (ii) Explain one benefit of

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Marketing Exam Practice Paper 2

Supply and Demand ✍🏽 (b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2 (b) (ii) Explain one factor influencing the supply of the retro cycle.[3] Industrial and Consumer Markets ✍🏽 (b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2 (b)(ii)Explain one benefit of Nativity Trees marketing its products to industrial markets [3] Methods of Information Gathering ✍🏽 (c)  8 mark PAPER 2 (c) Analyse one method of

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People in Organisations Exam Practice Paper 2

Management and Managers ✍🏽 (d)  11 mark PAPER 2 (d) Recommend which of Mintzberg’s management roles is likely to be the most important for the new Managing Director of NT. Justify your recommendation. [11] Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Quotient (EQ) ✍🏽 (c) 8 mark PAPER 2 (c) Analyse two ways in which emotional intelligence may help Isabel be

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Business and it’s Environment Exam Practice Paper 2

Role of the Entrepreneur  ✍🏽 (c) 8 mark PAPER 2 (c) Analyse two qualities that Gordon will need to be a successful entrepreneur. [8] Legal Structures ✍🏽 (d)   11 mark PAPER 2 (d) Evaluate the likely impacts on the local community if EFF changes from a co-operative to public limited company. [11] Measuring of Business Size ✍🏽 (b)(ii) 3

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