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Business and it’s Environment Solutions Paper 2

Role of the Entrepreneur 💡 (c) Analyse two qualities that Gordon will need to be a successful entrepreneur. Creative so he can form a brand identity for his cafe that is different from the three other cafes in city Z. To be successful customers must be willing to try his new cafe. Rather than copying

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People in Organisations Solutions Paper 2

Management and Managers 💡 (d) Recommend which of Mintzberg’s management roles is likely to be the most important for the new Managing Director of NT. Justify your recommendation. [11] The new MD needs to be a figurehead.  Santiago was a good figurehead because he was well-liked for over 50 years. A good figurehead will have

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Marketing Solutions Paper 2

Supply and Demand 💡  (b) (ii) Explain one factor influencing the supply of the retro cycle.[3] Supply of components. If bicycle frames, wheels or parts become scarce, this means that it will be not be possible to continue producing the output of the retro cycle and supply will be reduced. Other Acceptable Answers: Move to

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Operations Solutions Paper 2

Value Added 💡 (c) Analyse two ways in which AA adds value to its products. [8] Branding as AA has developed a brand with a reputation for high-quality Avocados. This means that customers are prepared to pay higher prices for a quality product, which means that AA can charge a premium price for avocados. This results

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Finance and Accounting Solutions Paper 2

Working Capital 💡  b (i) Refer to Table 1. Calculate BIG’s working capital. [3] Internal Sources 💡 b (ii) Explain one internal source of finance available to F5G to finance a new marketing campaign[. [3] Retained earnings. F5G earned X in the last year. So they can reinvest this back into the business and use

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