Section A Short Answer Questions Paper 1

Section A (a) 2 marks

⏰ Timing▶ Command Word% Final Grade(3 x Section A(a) qs)4 minsDefine6 %


There are usually 3 Section A (a) questions on paper 1, and 2 marks for each one so that’s 6 marks in total or 15% of the total marks for the paper. 

In AS paper 1 you’ve got nearly 2 minutes per mark so spend 4 minutes on part (a).

The examiners are looking for two knowledge points. The command word is “define” so we need to need a definition of the key term with two clear points.

⭐⭐⭐Pro Tip - Learn Definitions⭐⭐⭐

For definition questions, it’s helpful to learn a clear and concise definition for each of the keywords on the syllabus. This means you can quickly secure both marks without using valuable time thinking about the best way of explaining the concept.

✍🏽 Exemplar Question and Solution 💡

(a) Define the term ‘customer (market) orientation’. [2]A business researches a market to find out t...

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