(b) 12 mark Section B AS


⏰ Timing▶ Command Word% Final Grade24 minsEvaluate12 %


There is one 12-mark (b) question on paper 1 section B, so that’s over  30% of the total marks for the paper or 12% of your final AS grade.

We’ve got nearly 25 minutes for this question, almost 7 minutes more than the similar (d) evaluation questions in paper 2. 

The command word is ‘evaluate’. Usually, the question leads us to consider arguments for or against a viewpoint before reaching a final decision. Therefore, aim for at least one fully developed chain of analysis FOR and one AGAINST the view in the question. This will lead us logically to an evaluation where we can make our final judgement in context.

As there are 6 marks for evaluation in this question, a useful strategy is to add an evaluative comment at the end of each chain of analysis. This means we can score evaluation points throughout the essay in addition to the final para...

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