A* Essentials
School Access

ALL Course Student Year Access

Video tutorials on the entire IGCSE syllabus Easy to set up, navigate and collect assessment data

Access to all courses – the entire IGCSE course on video, with specialist courses on exam technique, calculations and exam practice.

Activate student learning with  60+ videos, 210 interactive activities and over 40 past paper questions and exemplar  answers.

Raise student achievement through flipped learning opportunities, catch-up courses, revision resources and data on student progress.


How It Works

How the A* Essentials Membership Takes Student Learning to the Next Level

Essential Content Tutorials

60 + Intensive 5-10-minute explainers with all the key information required for the Cambridge International Syllabus. Updated for 2020.

Exam Technique

40+ past paper questions solved with detailed explanations on the correct technique, structure, timing and content to include for a top level answer.

Formative Assessment

210 questions throughout at staged intervals throughout lessons to monitor progress and inform future teaching.


Student improve with feedback from interactive questions and results recorded on user dashboard.

Focused on CAIE

Each course follows the 2020 CAIE syllabus precisely, so you can easily find course materials to support lesson plans, homework or revision.

Student Progress

Easily find assessment data on group leader dashboard or download as an excel report.

Special Launch Offer

Full access for one year, minimum 20 students

Launch Offer $5 per student

regular price $7 per student


Set Up as Easy as 1,2,3

Quick and Easy Set Group Set-Up


1.) Select how many students in your group (minimum 15).

2.)  Enter students names and email addresses.

3.) Use tutorials, quizzes and practice questions to support your teaching.


Free Trial Access

Free trial access to try out the IGCSE A* Essentials School Access functions and features is available* without commitment. 

If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel your trial at any time within 7 days of signing up, to avoid payment.

*available to school staff teaching Cambridge syllabus only

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