Day 1 Business Activity And Classification Of Business
Day 2 Enterprise, Business Growth and Size
Day 3 Types of Business Organisation
DAY 4 Business Objectives and Stakeholder Objectives
Day 5 1 Case Study
Day 6 Motivation
Day 7 Organisation and Management
DAY 8 Recruitment, Selection And Training Of Employees
DAY 9 Internal And External Communication
Day 10 2 Case Study
DAY 11 Marketing, Competition And The Customer
DAY 12 Market Research
DAY 13 Marketing Mix
DAY 14 Marketing Strategy
DAY 15 3 Case Study
DAY 16 Production Of Goods And Services
DAY 17 Costs, Scale Of Production And Break-Even Analysis
DAY 18 Achieving Quality Production and Location Decisions
DAY 19 4 Case Study
DAY 20 Business finance: needs and sources
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1 Business Activity

Today’s target is Business Activity and Business Classification. It seems like a lot to learn, but we are starting off slowly. The video tutorials are short, and the questions aren’t that popular at IGCSE.

You will complete:
Nature of Business Activity Video Tutorial 👨‍🏫
Nature of Business Activity Revision Quiz 🎮
Nature of Business Activity Paper 1 (c) Exam Practice
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors Video Tutorial 👨‍🏫
Public and Private Sector Video Tutorial 👨‍🏫
Classification of Business Revision Quiz 🎮
Classification of Business Paper 1 (c) Exam Practice

“A journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step”

Chinese Proverb

Good luck! 😊

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