How our courses support you...

All courses give you the tools to support students outside of class, enhancing learner’s experiences in the classroom and accelerating student progress.

Cambridge Business Essentials courses go beyond the standard textbook and harness the power of technology to make learning A-level and IGCSE Business more effective, productive and fun.

Exam Technique

Students can be challenged with mastering and memorising the exam technique for every different type of question.  That’s why we support learning with :

  • Exemplar past paper solutions
  • Step by step instructions for each question
  • Top tips to improve exam technique
  • Updated for 2020 syllabus

Purpose Built for Cambridge International Examinations

Specifically designed for Cambridge International Examinations.

Each course follows the 2020 CAIE IGCSE syllabus precisely, so course materials can be easily integrated into classes, homework or revision schedules.

Accessible to All Learners

All schools are challenged to cater for all learning styles and mixed attainment and ability of students.

Courses have a range of activities suited to a variety of different learning styles.

Teachers can prescribe different activities for different students, or adapt their lessons to different classes in varied contexts. 

Flipped Learning

Each topic includes intensive 5-10-minute video tutorials explaining all the key information required for the Cambridge International Syllabus, ideal for flipped learning. This raises student engagement in class and allows active learning opportunities in class. Teachers have the freedom to  with mixed levels, student difficulties, and differentiated learning styles in the classroom.

Covid-19 Response

No one has been left unaffected by the Corona Virus pandemic, and schools are no exception.

Our courses gives students and teachers the additional support they need during the current instability.

No Student Left Behind

In a dynamic school environment, with school trips, absences though sickness, and pupils joining the school late or switching subjects, it can be a challenge to ensure all students have consistent access to all the course material.

The CBE online courses allow students to effectively catch up on what they have missed. Crucially, students can use the interactive quizzes to review what they have learned, and identify any areas where they need further support.

IGCSE School Access Now Available

Free trial access to try out the IGCSE A* Essentials School Access  functions and features is available* without commitment. 

If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel your trial at any time within 7 days of signing up, to avoid payment.


*available to school staff teaching Cambridge syllabus only


Free Starter Activity PPT

Free Powerpoint starter slides that will captivate students imagination from the second class starts.

Suitable for A-level or IGCSE Business.

 Fully editable, just click to download.

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