Course Features

All our courses are designed by teachers and examiners specifically for CAIE, so students have access to the most effective support to ensure constant improvement and rapid progress.

Content You Can Trust

Designed by experienced teachers and examiners with a proven track record of success in Cambridge International Business Assessment.  

We focus on creating high quality tutorials, guides and resources so you can focus on improving student performance. 

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Essential Content Tutorials

Intensive 5-10-minute bite size  “explainers” with all the key information required for the Cambridge International Syllabus. Updated for 2020.

Each tutorial includes: essential “need to know info”, insightful examples from international business, likely exam questions, top tips, subtitles and colourful, graphic explanations.


Interactive Activities

Engaging and innovative challenges at the end of each topic to check and embed student knowledge and understanding. 

Empowering students to take control of their learning while allowing teachers access to summative and self assessment results to inform progress and intervention strategies. 

Exam Technique Support

Students can be challenged with mastering and memorising the exam technique for every different variation of question across IGCSE and A-level. That’s why we provide plentiful exemplar past paper questions. All solved questions include detailed explanations on the correct technique, structure, timing and content to include for an A* answer.


Capturing students imagination is the key to engagement
So we focus on delivering the essential information in the most exciting way, using up to date “real world” examples and  innovative, interactive learning.                                                     

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Purpose Built for Cambridge International Examinations

Specifically designed for Cambridge International Examinations. Each course follows the 2020 CAIE IGCSE syllabus precisely, so course materials can be easily integrated into classes, homework or revision schedules.

Free Trial Access

Free trial access to try out the IGCSE A* Essentials School Access  functions and features is available* without commitment. 

If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel your trial at any time within 7 days of signing up, to avoid payment.


*available to school staff teaching Cambridge syllabus only

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