Marketing Exam Practice Paper 2

Supply and Demand ✍🏽

(b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2

(b) (ii) Explain one factor influencing the supply of the retro cycle.[3]

Industrial and Consumer Markets ✍🏽

(b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2

(b)(ii)Explain one benefit of Nativity Trees marketing its products to industrial markets [3]

Methods of Information Gathering ✍🏽

(c)  8 mark PAPER 2

(c) Analyse one method of primary market research and one source of secondary market research that the Marketing Director could use to help develop a new variety of natural yogurt. [8]

Market Research Results ✍🏽

  (b)(i) 3 mark PAPER 2

(b) (i) Refer to Fig. 1.1. Calculate the number of shoppers who would like to see a Mexican style cafΓ© in the capital city mall. [3]

The Elements of the Marketing Mix (the 4Ps) ✍🏽

(d) 11 mark PAPER 2

d) Evaluate changes EMBΒ could make to its marketing mix to achieve its growth objective [12]

Product Life Cycle ✍🏽

(c)  8 mark PAPER 2

(c) Analyse two methods HC could use to extend the product life cycle of the Retro Cycle. [8]

Promotion Methods ✍🏽

(c)  8 mark PAPER 2

c) Analyse two promotional methods which F5G could use to gain new customers. [8]

Channels of Distribution✍🏽

(b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2

Explain one way in which EMB can use the Internet to increase sales. [3]

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