Finance and Accounting Exam Practice Paper 2

Working Capital✍🏽

(b)(i) 3 mark PAPER 2

(b) (i) Refer to Table 1. Calculate BIG’s working capital. [3]

Table 1: Extract from BIG’s statement of financial position

$ 000​
Non-current assets​80​
Current Assets​40​
Current Liabilities​30​
Non-current Liabilities​50​

Internal Sources of Finance ✍🏽

(b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2

(b)(ii) Explain one internal source of finance available to F5G to finance a new marketing campaign. [3]

Factors Influencing the Sources of Finance ✍🏽

(c)  8 mark PAPER 2

(c)  Analyse one internal source of finance and one external source of finance Gordon could use to finance his start-up costs. [8]

Cost Information ✍🏽

  (b)(ii) 3 mark PAPER 2

(b) (ii) Explain one reason why AA needs accurate cost data.  [3]

Income Statement ✍🏽

(b)(i) 3 mark PAPER 2

b (i) Calculate the profit AA will make from production line A if it sorts, packages and sells 140 000 avocados in a month.

Liquidity Ratios ✍🏽

(b)(i) 3 mark (ii) 3 mark PAPER 2

b (i) Refer to Table 1.1. Calculate the value of X. [3]

b (ii) Explain one reason why EMB’s liquidity is forecast to change. [3]

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