How to Use Your Membership

A-level Business Membership

A-level Business Overview

Click on the A-level Business Membership button on your account page to access the A-level Business resources. You can also access the A-level Business resources from the avatar menu.

Use the menu to navigate between question guides, exam practice, exam solutions, skills guides and A-level Index.

AS Business exam questions and solutions are organised by topic.

A2 Business exam questions and solutions are organised by question type (10,12,16 & 20 mark)

A- level Exam Practice Courses

You can also complete the practice questions in course form. Access from your account page

On the AS Exam Practice Course questions and solutions are organised sequentially following the AS Business syllabus.

On the A2 Exam Practice Course, questions and solutions are organised as you would approach them in the Paper 3 exam.

Please note: These are the same questions and solutions in the A-level Business Essentials Index.

You may prefer to complete your exam questions in the course format so you can keep a record of how many questions you have completed.

A- level Grade Boost

Click on A-level Grade Boost in your account page to access the A-level Grade Boost Course.

The question guides, exam practice questions and exam solutions are organised by each paper. For each type of question you will find a question guide, followed by an opportunity to test your skills. You can then check how your answer compared to the exemplar solution.

My Account Page

Once you log in you come to the My Account Page, you can see the different courses that you are enrolled in. You can also change your profile photo, change password, subscriptions and payments.

Click on the A-level Business Membership button on your account page to access the A-level Business resources.

Click on the IGCSE Business Membership button on your account page to access the A-level Business resources.

How to see my subscription

1. On your account page, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

2. Click the Subscriptions tab.

3. This will open the list of courses you are currently enrolled in.

How to view quiz scores

1. Find the relevant quiz.

2. Click on the blue chevron on the right of the screen

3. Click on the page icon to find detailed results.

How to upgrade

1. Click on the upgrade button located after the list of courses on your account page.

2. Click the change plan link beside the current course you are enrolled in.

3. Click on the drop down menu to select a plan you want to upgrade to.

4. Once you have selected a plan to upgrade to, click on the select plan button.

5. Fill in your credit card information. Don’t forget to check the box to agree to the terms and conditions. Hit the “Join Now” button to finish the upgrade process.

How to cancel my membership

All memberships expire after one year, so there is no need to cancel.

How do I request a refund?

Just send a refund request to [email protected]

* refunds are only available for 7 days after purchase. Refunds are not available for course purchases 1 month before each exam series.

Course Pages

1. Click on the course you want to take on your account page

2. Each course is set up exactly like the IGCSE Business Studies syllabus:

In each subsection of the course you will find the videos which cover the course content.

3. At the end of each section there is a knowledge check interactive activity to embed your knowledge

4. After the knowledge check you can work on your exam technique with a practice question and solution.

6. At the end of each unit you will find the paper 2 style case study questions.

Lesson Page

Click on a subsection of the course to the find videos tutorials in each lesson

How to use subtitles

1. On the video, click on the closed captions (CC) button

2. Select English and press play.

How to mark lesson complete

If you are satifsfied that you have completed the lesson, click on “Mark Complete”. You can find it above the lesson title and down below the lesson page.



How to use the buttons on the page

Marking the lesson/subsection as complete automatically brings you to the next lesson. But you can also click on the “Next Lesson” button to take you to the next lesson in the Unit/course.

If you want to go back to a previous lesson, you can click on the “Previous Lesson” buttons located below the lesson page or above the lesson title.

The “Back to Unit” button brings you back to the subsection of the course


The “Back to Course” button takes you back to the Course Page.


Navigation using the side panel

Use the side panel to easily navigate to all the different sections of the course. Click on subsections, lessons, knowledge check, and practice questions.

How to move between courses

If you want to move to another course, just click on your avatar, then choose my account.

This will take you straight back to your account page. Here you can choose another course by clicking on the title of that course.

Knowledge Check

Once you have the video tutorials in each section you can move to Knowledge Check.

Using Hint box

Click the “Hint Box” if you need extra help in answering questions.


If you are happy and you have finished your answer, just click on the “Next” button. That will take you to the next question.

If you want to navigate more quickly between questions, go to the top panel with numbers indicated. You can use this to review the questions.

When you are finished answering the questions, click on “Finish Interactive Activity”.

Types of questions

Multiple Questions

Gap Fill Questions

Calculation Questions

Ranking Questions

Ranking Questions

Matching Questions

How to get feedback on your results

After you have clicked on the “Finish Interactive Activity” button, this will redirect to the results page.
On the results page, click on the “View Questions” button.

Here you can see your correct answers.

You also receive tips on how to improve the next time you retake the test.

How to retake knowledge check

You can retake the interactive activity as many times as you like. All you have to do is to select the “Restart Interactive Activity” button. This will take you right back to the start again.

Avatar Menu

When you click your avatar, it will show you three menus: Account, IGCSE Launch Pad and Log Out.

Account page

When you click “Account” on your Avatars drop-down menu, this will take you to your My Account Page. Your My Account Page shows you the courses you are enrolled in.

After the list of courses, you can find the Upgrade button, Home, Subscriptions, Payments, Log Out tabs. You can also change your password by clicking on the change password link below the “Save Profile” button.

IGCSE Launchpad

Clicking on the IGCSE Launchpad from the avatar drop-down menu redirects you to IGCSE Launchpad Page. Here you can see the list of resources that will guide you to success in IGCSE Business Studies.

Membership Achievements

Earn badges and rewards based on your effort and achievements in each course.

A* Knowledge Check – Score of 80% or more on any knowledge check quiz. Earns 10 points.

Resilience Award – Awarded on return to study. Earns 2 points.

You can find your achievements listed on your account page.

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