(b)(ii) Paper 2 Question Guide


Please Note: A 4 mark variation of this question first appeared in the in summer 2021 exam series. You’ll find the guide to this 4 mark version below.

TimingCommand Word% Final Grade
4.5 minsExplain 6 %
(2 on Paper 2)


AS Business bii structure

There are two (b)(i) questions on paper 2, 6% of your final AS grade. The command word is ‘explain’.

There are roughly 1.5 mins per mark on paper 2 so allocate 4.5 minutes to answer this question.

A knowledge point followed by an explanation and relevant reference to the case study is required in order to secure all 3 marks. 

⭐⭐⭐Pro Tip – Clear and Concise⭐⭐⭐

Strictly follow the recommended answer structure to stay within your time limit.  There will be plenty of opportunity for analysis and developed analysis later in the paper.

✍🏽 Exemplar Question and Solution 💡

(b) (ii) Explain one disadvantage for RHZ of having high labour turnover. [3]

Increase recruitment costs.
RHZ will have to employ workers to replace those employees that leave which will add to costs for advertising, selection and training the new employees.
As RHZ requires highly skilled employees these employees maybe difficult to find and push recruitment costs even higher.
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