20 mark Question Guide


⏰ Timing% A2 Grade% Final A-level GradeApprox 30 mins 40 %(2 x 20 mark questions Paper 4)20%

On paper 4, we must complete two twenty mark questions on business strategy. Therefore, mastering the correct technique for 20 mark questions is essential to achieving higher marks on paper 4.

For 20 mark questions, there are 3 points for knowledge, 2 for application, 8 for analysis and 7 for evaluation. If we use the rough guide of 1.5 minutes per mark, we will have 30 minutes for this question.

In 20 mark questions, 75% of your marks come from analysis and evaluation, so our aim is to focus on developed analysis, evaluation while embedding knowledge and application throughout our responses.

Knowledge (15% total marks)

To secure 3 points for developed knowledge and understanding at A2 we need to go further than giving textbook definitions of key concepts.

In the old syllabus stating three relevant knowledge points wou...

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